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My 5 year old son and I were in a car accident. After the accident my son kept complaining about headaches and was crying and holding his ears all the time. He said it hurt his ears when I was vacuuming or if I had the TV on, and would want to run out of the apartment. I took him to his pediatrician who diagnosed him with a mouth infection, ear infection and trauma caused by the accident. He prescribed anti-biotic but nothing was helping with my son’s symptoms. After several visits back and forth to several Doctors, without results, I decided to take my son to Dr. Duffy, as I was treating and getting better from my whiplash.
Dr. Duffy diagnosed him with hyperacusis which goes with hyper sensitivity to noise in your everyday environment. Dr. Duffy used the activator and several other modalities including exercises. After receiving treatments, I am happy to report my son is doing great.
– Carolyn Eli Walker
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My son, Jack, was having chronic ear infections during his first year of life. Throughout that time, it seemed that every two weeks he would develop another ear infection. His immune system seemed weak. The doctor’s could not fix him with antibiotics. We knew we should not give a child that young that many antibiotics continuously, but seeing him cry and suffer so much made us feel like we had no choice. On Jack’s first visit, Dr. Duffy diagnosed some areas of nerve irritation caused by misaligned bones. It was truly amazing the results were night and day. Not only the short term results, but the long-term results as well. He went through this past winter with no ear infections, he is sleeping so much better, and his comfort level has improved tremendously.
– John Kavey
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My son, Tyler, was six months old and he was not sleeping correctly. I was not sure what to do, so I came to Waltham Chiropractic and spoke with Dr. Duffy. After just one adjustment, my son was sleeping much better within a couple of days. His previous symptoms were disappearing, and I noticed he was much more active. After the adjustment, his strength was heightened and his appetite increased. Based on these results, I would recommend any parent who has an infant with sleeping problems to visit Waltham Chiropractic. My son adjusted very well, and he stopped crying so much. More people should look to Dr. Duffy’s treatment for their infants and children!