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I first began going to see Dr. Duffy when I was eight months pregnant. I had severe sciatic pain and had difficulty walking, lying down…just about every day chores were hard. My OB-GYN Dr. Todd Shapiro referred me to Dr. Duffy to get some relief. I went about three days a week for the first few weeks and Dr. Duffy used something called an activator which I had doubts about in the beginning. It barely seemed to do anything. I could barely feel it on my body. There were no large manipulations made which I could not endure anyway because of my pregnancy, and how far along I was. But low and behold even after the first few times I began to feel relief. I noticed a major improvement over about a two-week period. I wasn’t able to use any medicines because of the pregnancy and thought that really seeing a chiropractor was just about my only option after trying yoga and massage treatment and stretching on my own. Given the high incidence of sciatic pain during pregnancy and the inability to take medications during this time I highly recommend chiropractic care during any painful times in the pregnancy. I have referred my father to see Dr. Duffy for a herniated disc in his back and he seemed to have some relief from that as well, and I am currently seeing Dr. Duffy for a herniated disc in my neck and after only a couple visits have found relief in that area.

– Karen Kaufman

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I was having severe headaches and sciatic nerve pain during the third trimester of my pregnancy. I had tried medication for the headaches, but did not want to continue to be on it. The headaches had lased 2 ½ weeks straight without any relief except from pain medication. Dr Duffy for the first part of my treatment utilized non-manipulation treatment with an activator. After just a few treatments I showed a huge improvement with my headaches and sciatic nerve pain. After 4 treatments, my headaches had completely disappeared and my sciatic nerve had not acted up. I felt like I was at a loss with my headaches after seeing my OBGYN and my primary care doctor, but after 4 treatments with Dr. Duffy I felt complete relief. I am more than satisfied with my experience. I’ve gone to chiropractors on and off for 15+ years and I have never seen results as fast as I have with Dr. Duffy. I would recommend him to anyone.


– Jamie Welch

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