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Our goal is to help you and your family achieve and maintain optimal health through natural chiropractic care. We are dedicated to educating you about the many wonderful benefits of our drug-free and surgery-free method of health care. Thousands of hours of advanced training and over 25 years of clinical experience, combined with sophisticated analysis and x-ray techniques, enable us to help a wide range of spinal abnormalities that impede healthy living.

Have you recently suffered a severe injury? Are you in constant pain from your neck, back, and joints? Regardless if you have a car accident injury, a workplace injury, or simply suffer from joint pain and headaches, Chiropractic therapy can greatly reduce your pain and suffering without resorting to addictive and side effect laden pharmaceutical pain medications.

Our goal is to help you learn more about this powerful approach to better health. We welcome you to browse our site and learn why having “a healthy spine equals a healthier body”. We invite you to schedule an appointment with us to discuss how you and your family can benefit from chiropractic care.

The Healthiest People on the Planet are Under Regular Chiropractic Care!

Dr. John Duffy
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“Before seeing Dr. Duffy, I could not sleep at all because my body was so twisted from the accident. Now, I have seen tremendous improvement and results due to his care and friendly staff members. I would highly recommend Dr. Duffy to any person who truly wants relief from serious back pain…”I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WALTHAM CHIROPRACTIC!” – Linda C.

“I had been suffering from severe lower back pain for five months when I came to see Dr. Duffy at Waltham Chiropractic. My pain was definitely a 10/10. At Waltham Chiropractic, I saw immediate results. I am off prescribed pain-killers. I am finally ready to play kickball again!” – Michael Laffey