I came to Waltham Chiropractic with extreme neck pain and a strange sensation in my right arm. It was a constant radiating pain that was worsening every day. Now that the pain is gone, I can now perform daily activities, like driving, that I could not do before.

John R

I had crazy back pain and weakness on my right side and dizziness. To my right side paid I had tried pain med, but didn’t really work. Dr. Duffy had helped me a lot with my weakness and especially the back pain. I was very weak and in so much pain to a point where I couldn’t work for more than 6 hours a day. Now, I have been able to work a full shift with no problem. No more dizziness or strong right pain. Dr. Duffy is so good at his job and the staff there is friendly. They always make me feel welcome.

Sherley T

I had been suffering from severe lower back pain for five months when I came to see Dr. Duffy at Waltham Chiropractic. My pain was definitely a 10/10. At Waltham Chiropractic, I saw immediate results. I am off prescribed pain-killers. I am finally ready to play kickball again!

Michael L

Before seeing Dr. Duffy, I could not sleep at all because my body was so twisted from the accident. Now, I have seen tremendous improvement and results due to his care and friendly staff members. I would highly recommend Dr. Duffy to any person who truly wants relief from serious back pain…”I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WALTHAM CHIROPRACTIC!

Linda C.