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Chiropractor Lexington MA – Since 1994, Waltham Chiropractic has been treating the people of the Lexington, MA area with compassion and care. Through the proper implementation of chiropractic techniques, Waltham Chiropractic has assuaged the pain and suffering of hundreds of patients, bringing peace and wellness to a life once filled with constant pain and discomfort.

Are you experiencing neck and back pain from a recently sustained worker’s or auto accident injury? Has your doctor diagnosed you with Sciatica and prescribed you a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs as a treatment for the pain? Do you experience intense headaches that seem to come and go for no reason? If you answered yes to any of these questions we here at Waltham Chiropractic feel that you have come to the right place.

Neck Pain Lexington MA

Many people suffering from chronic back, neck and joint pain in the Lexington, MA area seek help from their primary care physician. More often than not, the primary care physician will simply prescribe pharmaceutical pain management solutions. Unfortunately, long-term pharmaceutical pain management entails taking opiate-based pain drugs for long periods. These pain-killing drugs do nothing to fix the problem; they only mask the pain temporarily. And come along with a great number of side effects and dangers such as mental and physical dependency.

At Waltham Chiropractic, we steadfastly believe that using drugs as a treatment for long term back and neck pain is unnecessary. We focus on fixing the problem, which is dislocated tendons, muscle tissues and vertebrae, and not just masking it with potentially dangerous medications. Chiropractic therapy has over 100 years of history as a safe and more effective treatment for spinal injury than any other technique currently available.

When your musculoskeletal system becomes disjointed and the components of your body are no longer in their proper places, pain and discomfort are the natural result. While achievement of overall wellness involves consuming a proper, healthy diet, participation in regular exercise and a relatively stress-free existence, the large majority of us are not lucky enough to afford all of these things. Life these days is fast paced and difficult, and many ailments related to disjointed muscle tissues and swelling joints creep into our bodies over long periods of abuse. Repeated misuse of your spine and joints can cause severe chronic pain and extreme damage not only to your joints, but also to every system in your body. Find the relief from back, neck and joint pain that you have been seeking in the Lexington, MA area by paying us a visit here at Waltham Chiropractic.

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